Innovative IP Cameras and Machine Learning Capabilities Help You Optimize Feeding

Keeping fish fed is the single most important part of any farming operation. Eliminating lost feed days and improving feed conversion ratios (FCR) can be the difference between a profitable growing season and one that just breaks even. 

IP Cameras

Multi-Factor Feeding

Innovasea’s feed optimization solution enables you to make data-driven decisions on the spot by taking a multi-factor approach to feeding that considers: 

  • Environmental conditions – Dissolved oxygen, water temperature and currents all play a key role in proper feeding. By monitoring these and other parameters in real time, you can quickly determine ideal feeding times.  
  • Satiation – Our satiation monitoring capability combines machine learning with species-specific data to track fish feeding behavior and alert operators when fish are approaching satiation. That removes the guesswork from a complicated task and eases the burden of monitoring dozens of pens at the same time, ultimately making operations more efficient and reducing feed costs.
  • Pellet detection – Our best-in-class IP camera, which captures clear video in stunning HD, and sophisticated live streaming network deliver unparalleled visibility into subsea feeding, giving you present insight into whether pellets are being ignored by the fish and sinking to the bottom of the pen. This adds another layer of important information into your decision making and protects you from wasting feed.

Data-Driven Decisions for Long-Term Success

Best of all, our feed optimization for aquaculture solution saves all your feeding data and uploads it to a secured private cloud for future analysis, enabling your business to make long-term strategic decisions based on historical information.

See our pellet detection solution in action

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