Customer Profiles

Open Blue believes the future of aquaculture lies in the open ocean. The company harvests fish that is of the highest quality. From its state of the art hatchery to process operations and distribution network, Open Blue is committed to harvesting the perfect fish.

Earth Ocean Farms is an innovative marine fish farming company that respects the beauty of its environment. Located in the Sea of Cortez, near La Paz, in Baja California, Mexico, Earth Ocean Farms grows high potential aquaculture species using InnovaSea’s technically advanced Aquapod™ pens in the open ocean.

Blue Ocean, located in Kona, Hawaii, is at the forefront of finfish mariculture. The company is dedicated to the sustainable, responsible production of marine fish in pristine open ocean waters off of Kona. Blue Ocean fish, including premium, sashimi-grade Kampachi is prized for its taste, versatility and health benefits.

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