Fine Scale Movement

Acoustic telemetry enables precision tracking within just a few centimeters, delivering fresh insights into animal behavior.

Identify the Location of Key Events

Fine scale positioning provides the ability to track fish movements within just a few meters or even centimeters as often as every few seconds. This precision helps you identify the time and place of critical behaviors (such as spawning) and the use of habitats (such as juvenile nurseries or marine protected areas).

Locate Important Pathways and Generate 3D Models

Fine-scale positioning can also identify the specific paths fish are taking around physical barriers during their migrations and help identify environmental conditions that might make them to be susceptible to mortality. And with the use of a depth sensing tag, you can now get a three-dimensional picture of where your animal is in the water column.

System Recommendation: 69 kHz, 180 kHz, and 307 kHz tags and corresponding receivers depending on species size and environmental conditions

Available Sensor Options: Temperature, pressure, acceleration, predation, environmental conditions, data storage

See it in Action

For this study, brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) were outfitted with temperature and depth transmitters that reported data every 10-12 seconds. HR2 High Residence Receivers were deployed throughout the lake to provide information on temperature preference and 3D movement data. Watch the video to see how it works.

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