The level of oxygen in an aquaculture system directly correlates with the quality and quantity of fish it can produce, making high-quality aeration and oxygenation a necessity. Innovasea offers a wide range of products that can help, including ceramic oxygen diffusers, air blowers, aero-tubes, oxygen cones and high-pressure pack columns.

Air blowers

Our rugged air blowers are smaller, lighter, quieter and more energy-efficient than most makes yet provide higher continuous operating pressures and air flows. They are backed up by a three year warranty.

Ceramic Oxygen Diffusers

Ceramic oxygen diffusers are designed for fish tank oxygenation and emergency operation. Their unique rounded design improves water circulation and oxygen transfer with ultra-fine bubbles.

Oxygen Cones

Oxygen Cones are pressurized vessels providing excellent oxygen dissolution. Our oxygen cones have a unique bottom outlet connection that allows for utilization of the cone volume without hydraulic interruption from the standard snorkle pipe design. The cones come with a sight glass assembly, tapped ports for gas injection and pressure gauge installation. Cones for ozone injection are fabricated using vinylester resin for long-term compatibility with ozone.

Ceramic oxygen filters promote fish health

Key benefits

  • Promotes fish health and water quality by maintaining dissolved oxygen levels
  • Removes nitrogen as oxygen is added
  • Simplifies operations with easy installation and maintenance