Open Ocean Aquaculture

The world leader in open ocean aquaculture, we have been pushing the limits of what’s possible for 25 years.

The Future of Sustainable Fish Farming

Open ocean aquaculture is the future of sustainable seafood production – and Innovasea has been at the forefront for more than a quarter-century, designing and building cutting-edge pens, technology and equipment that can withstand the worst Mother Nature has to offer.

Today we deliver innovative, end-to-end solutions and services that range from site selection and permitting to underwater feeding and high-tech environmental monitoring. It’s part of what we call precision aquaculture: a revolutionary, holistic approach to fish farming that uses emerging technologies to help you optimize operations and make data-driven decisions in real time.  

  1. Submersible Pen System
    Stays below the surface to avoid pounding waves and keep fish at healthier depths.
  2. Mooring System
    Heavy duty grid-based mooring system tethers pens to the ocean floor and keeps them secure through typhoons and hurricanes.
  3. Submerged Pen Feeding
    Unique underwater feeding system feeds fish in each pen from a single surface point with minimal feed loss.   
  4. Harvesting
    Raising the pen gathers the fish into an ever-smaller area to make harvesting easier than ever.
  5. Environmental Sensors
    Strategically positioned throughout the site, these monitor everything from water temperature and tilt to dissolved oxygen and turbidity to keep fish safe and healthy.
  6. Biomass Estimation
    Groundbreaking technology and advanced algorithms provide accurate assessments of each pen’s volume of fish.
  7. Feed Optimization
    Monitor environmental conditions, satiation levels and pellet consumption to make data-driven decisions on the spot.
  8. Cloud Communications
    Data is delivered to operators in real time and offloaded securely to the cloud so it can be accessed anywhere using smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  9. Cloud-based Software
    Combines real-time data with powerful analytics tools to give you instant insights into farm operations.

Precision Aquaculture

What is precision aquaculture? It’s a fully integrated system that combines:

  • Heavy-duty submersible pens, hardware and equipment
  • Intelligent sensors, cameras and environmental monitoring equipment
  • Efficient underwater feeding systems that minimize loss
  • Subsea communications networks and cloud storage
  • Intuitive software that simplifies procedures and decision-making
  • Predictive modeling and machine learning to help improve results

With precision aquaculture you get a comprehensive solution that’s suitable for deeper waters and easier to dial in for optimal production. And that means healthier fish, robust harvests, less impact on the environment and better return on your investment.  

Real World Experience

Innovasea is the world leader in open ocean aquaculture, with a proven track record helping farmers and research institutions raise and harvest a multitude of finfish species in both tropical and temperate waters. We’re not speculators who are just building prototypes and dreaming big. We’re out in the open ocean today, with more pens in operation than any of our competitors and solutions that are actively producing fish at dozens of sites across the globe.  

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