Real World Expertise

Open ocean aquaculture is the new frontier in fish farming. Commercially viable for only a few decades, the industry is still maturing. That means the technologies, tools and techniques are still evolving – and proficiency and proper guidance are hard to find.

Innovasea has assembled the industry’s top experts to help you navigate these sometimes-murky waters, whether you’re setting up a new site or trying to make an existing farm more efficient and productive. Our technology- and engineering-based consulting services provide the know-how, insight and experience for every phase of a project, from concept to harvest.

A Broad Range of Disciplines

Our diverse team includes:

  • Spatial analysts who compile and analyze oceanographic and demographic data to determine ideal site locations.
  • Oceanographers who deploy sensors and data loggers to generate site-specific information.
  • Ocean engineers who run hydrodynamic models and environmental loading simulations to ensure systems are safe and built to survive.
  • Naval architects who ensure equipment is stable and safe.
  • Biologists who review growth and feeding projections to ensure they are achievable with the site and species selected.
  • Economists who build validated economic models to forecast cash flow and financial returns.
  • Farm managers who produce realistic production plans and develop operating protocols.
  • Geneticists who develop long-term selection programs to improve fish performance without the risk of inbreeding.

Extensive Experience and Important Relationships

Innovasea also has extensive experience working with governments and regulators on permitting and compliance matters, helping streamline the legal side of the business.

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