Feeding Systems

Innovasea’s underwater feeding system is revolutionizing open ocean aquaculture and boosting profits.

Improve Efficiency, Lower Costs

Efficient and cost-effective feeding is one of the keys to running a profitable fish farm. With feed-related expenses sometimes chewing up as much as two-thirds of a farm’s operating budget, food conversion ratio (FCR) is often the most critical metric for a successful finfish operation.

Innovasea’s underwater feeding systems make it easy to keep fish fed, with a single surface point distributing feed to each pen in the system with minimal loss. Feeding takes place while the pen remains submerged, so it can be done regardless of rough seas or other surface conditions, including algal blooms or parasites. That not only helps minimize missed feed days, which can wreak havoc on your bottom line, but it makes fish happy because they prefer to eat beneath the surface.

  1. Feed storage
    Modular hoppers store the feed.
  2. Feed/water mixer
    Dry feed is mixed with water so it can be pumped down into the pens. 
  3. Pen selector
    Innovative selector valve directs feed to the appropriate pen. 
  4. Feeder mooring buoy
    Independently moored buoy connects to vessel with enough slack in the feeding hoses so as not to transfer wave action to the fish pens.    
  5. Feed Line
    Carries feed to the pens.
  6. Feed Dispenser Helix
    Patented design spirals up the spar to distribute feed pellets from the top of the pen.   

Full Visibility into Feeding Operations

But how do you keep an eye on what’s happening beneath the waves? Easy. Innovasea’s unique feeding systems are backed by our sophisticated sensors and high-resolution cameras, which provide real-time visibility into:

It’s all part of what we call precision aquaculture – a fully integrated system that’s helping revolutionize open ocean aquaculture.

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