Healthier Fish, Fewer Impacts

Open ocean aquaculture has many advantages: from healthier fish that benefit from reduced exposure to pathogens and disease to operations that have less impact on the surrounding environment.  

But open ocean aquaculture comes with one big challenge: protecting fish pens and other equipment from the effects of Mother Nature.

At Innovasea we’ve solved that problem by developing submersible pens that can be easily lowered to safe depths so they’re not battered by heavy waves and surging storms. Not only does that reduce wear and tear on equipment, it minimizes stress on fish stocks.

Advantages of Submersible Pens

  • Reduce Wave Energy

  • Decrease Thermal Stress

  • Minimize Parasite Exposure

  • Limit User Conflicts

Submerging the pen enables you to:  

  • Avoid oxygen-depleting algal blooms that can be deadly to fish.
  • Find optimal currents to keep fish active and healthy.
  • Locate ideal water temperatures to optimize growth and avoid thermal stress.
  • Avoid parasites that concentrate near the surface.

And Innovasea’s state-of-the-art materials and tensioned nets mean that pens stay cleaner, minimizing maintenance and delivering consistent oxygen levels to the fish. It all adds up to a healthier, more natural environment for fish to thrive in – and that means better growth rates, excellent harvests and more return on your investment.

A Long History of Innovation

Our submersible pens are the result of more than 25 years of innovation and evolution. We’ve gone from the AquaSpar, a proven near-shore pen that’s still producing salmon in Puget Sound and other locations, to the futuristic-looking Aquapod, a geodesic dome that’s become the face of offshore aquaculture and is still in use across the globe.

Our latest generation of pens, the SeaStation and the Evolution Pen, are the standard for offshore fish farms that are serious about open ocean aquaculture. Learn more about the SeaStation and Evolution Pen.


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