Designed to be Versatile

The Evolution Pen represents a giant leap forward for open ocean fish farming, providing a modern solution to rough conditions and opening new areas to aquaculture.  With the Evolution Pen, the name of the game is versatility. When your site is calm and quiet, it sits at the surface and is operated as a traditional pen. But when the whims of nature intervene – crashing waves, a strong storm or a large algal bloom – the Evolution Pen is easily submerged to protect itself and its valuable contents.

Shelter from the Storm

Sheltered from the wind and turbulence of a storm, the pen remains secure and keeps fish stocks safe while allowing operations to continue as usual, reducing the number of lost feed days. When the danger has passed, the pen is returned to the surface. This flexibility effectively expands the reach of aquaculture, increasing the number of available farming sites around the world and bringing them closer to strong markets.

Easy to Operate

Most of the time the Evolution Pen is operated as a standard surface pen, making it easy for experienced operators to manage. But we’ve also added a host of improvements to ease operability, safety and reliability:

  • Modular design – Enables sizes ranging from 4,000m3 to 20,000m3 using interchangeable parts and minimal engineering overhead.
  • Bottom moored – Unlike most pens, the Evolution Pen is connected to the grid at the bottom of the pen. This reduces wear and makes it easier for boats to access the pen without having to navigate surface lines. 
  • Water-borne feeding system – Distributes feed evenly across the pen from multiple points.
  • Copper alloy mesh netting – This optional feature is long-lasting, predator-resistant, recyclable and low-maintenance. It stays naturally clean, saving diver time and reducing insurance costs.
  • Nursery Net – This option simplifies the addition of smaller or younger fish without requiring a finer mesh for the overall pen.
  • Key safety enhancements – Full height, removable handrails and non-slip fiberglass decking dramatically reduce slip-and-fall accidents.

Take a Closer Look

Watch the Evolution Pen submerge and surface
See a grid of Evolution Pens
See an Evolution Pen Nursery Net

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