Proven Resilience Provides Peace of Mind

For 25 years Innovasea’s SeaStation has provided fish farmers with the ideal solution for high-energy ocean environments, outlasting typhoons, hurricanes and daily wear and tear to become known as the most robust aquaculture pen in the world. Designed to be submerged most of the time, the SeaStation can ride out weather events that would devastate a traditional surface pen. This ensures your fish have a secure environment to grow and provides peace of mind that your investment is well protected.

Better Conditions for Healthy Fish

In addition, the SeaStation lets you provide the best environmental conditions for your fish, reducing stress and improving their quality of life. That means a better feed conversion ratio (FCR), which can significantly reduce operating costs, and healthier fish to bring to market. 

When needed, the SeaStation can be raised to the surface with the aid of an air compressor to facilitate:

  • Harvesting – Fish are gathered into an ever-smaller area and easily collected using our proprietary harvesting system.
  • Sampling – Easily obtain fish samples to check growth and condition.
  • Desiccation – Wind and sun passively clean the pen for a convenient, once-per-week operation.
  • Maintenance – The shallower pen position simplifies maintenance.

More Than Just a Fish Pen

Innovasea has created a host of integrated solutions to enable operations while the SeaStation is underwater, including video monitoring, underwater feeding and mortality retrieval. Other options include the nursery net, which can house younger fish before they are released into the larger pen population. This prevents the need for a tighter, more expensive mesh for the pen itself.

Take a Closer Look

Watch a SeaStation harvest

View a SeaStation nursery

See a SeaStation mortality retrieval

Explore Our Expertise 

We also offer a variety of cutting-edge Aquaculture Intelligence solutions to help you optimize your farming operation using the latest hardware, software, equipment and analytics tools. Contact our sales team today to learn how Innovasea can help your fish farm thrive regardless of location.