Fisheries Management

Acoustic telemetry tools can provide important insights into fishery health and behavior.

Vital Information to Aid in Sustainability

Monitoring fishery health is responsible from both an ecological and economic perspective. Understanding how a fishery fits into the larger ecosystem contributes to sustainability and helps minimize harmful impacts on the environment.

Answers to Key Questions

Accurate stock assessments are essential to understanding the health of any fishery. Our wide range of tags and receivers can track fish throughout their life cycle and provide insights on:

  • Whether fish stocks are intermingling
  • Where and when fish are spawning
  • The effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in protecting economically and ecologically important species
  • How sport fisheries are impacting the overall health of fish populations
  • The impacts of predation on survival in wild and stocked fish populations

System Recommendation: 69 kHz tags and receivers

Available Sensor Options: Temperature, pressure, acceleration, predation, environmental conditions, data storage

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