Innovative Tracking Technology

An industry trailblazer for four decades, Innovasea’s groundbreaking tracking technology is helping push the boundaries of science, facilitating cutting-edge research that leads to novel insights into aquatic animal behavior and survival.

Innovasea became the innovation leader in advanced acoustic telemetry tools and consulting services following the 2019 acquisition of Vemco and HTI, each of whom spent years investing in important research and development. Today we provide work-anywhere solutions that scientists around the world count on to answer important questions about aquatic animal behavior.

Opportunities for Global Collaboration

Choosing Innovasea means the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues across the globe who may have data and insights that can help your area of study.

Most important, our scientists and consultants have extensive field experience and a breadth of expertise that makes them the ideal partner to help you determine your research goals and develop the right approach to meeting them – and solve any challenges that arise along the way.

A Range of Use Cases

Our acoustic fish tags and receivers are the ideal solution for investigating:

  • Broad scale movement
  • Fisheries research
  • Ecosystem and habitat use
  • Fine scale movement
  • Fish passage and survival
  • Human impacts

In addition, our underwater aquaMeasure environmental sensors monitor everything from water temperature to dissolved oxygen, salinity, chlorophyll, blue-green algae, turbidity and colored dissolved organic matter. While you’re tracking where your animals are going, our sensors can help you figure out why.