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Despite a Difficult Year, There Are Still Plenty of Reasons to Be Thankful
Nearly everyone agrees that 2020 has been the pits. But if you take the time to really look, you can find something to be thankful for.
The Importance of Aeration and Oxygenation in Aquaculture
Aeration and oxygenation are essential elements of raising healthy fish, but need to be part of a broader, data-driven approach to aquaculture.
Chile Mandates Real-time Environmental Monitoring at Salmon Farms
Ocean-based aquaculture sites will need to begin monitoring water conditions for dissolved oxygen, salinity and temperature – and then transmit the data to government agencies.
13 Ways Fathom Helps Researchers Focus on What They Love
Innovasea's new Fathom software suite is making it easy for fish researchers and scientists to manage their oceans of data.
NOAA Selects Gulf of Mexico, Southern California as First Two Aquaculture Opportunity Areas
The United States is exploring the viability of open ocean aquaculture in federal waters and will take a programmatic permitting approach that includes meticulous environmental reviews.
Why Innovasea Is Leading Canada’s Ambitious Ocean Aware Project
A pioneer in both fish tracking technology and open ocean aquaculture, Innovasea is uniquely suited to spearhead this important endeavor.
For Marine Biologist Greg Skomal, Every Week is ‘Shark Week’
Massachusetts' shark guru is using Innovasea technology to track great whites around Cape Cod to better understand their behavior and minimize dangerous encounters with humans.
How Phytoplankton Endangers Fish Farms – and the Best Way to Combat the Threat
Microscopic phytoplankton are invisible to the naked eye but can be deadly to fish – especially in an aquaculture setting – if the proper steps aren’t taken to minimize the danger.
The 9 Advantages of Modular Recirculating Aquaculture (RAS) Systems
Recirculating Aquaculture Systems have come a long way over the last 30 years. Now modular versions are helping streamline planning and operations - and ultimately saving money.

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