InnovaSea is committed to developing the next wave of innovative, open-ocean products and services to support the growing aquaculture industry.


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Aquapod A3600 in Puerto Rico

Aquapod A3600 in...

Aquapod A3600 in Puerto Rico

Aquapod A3600 in...

SeaStation 3100 in Kona, Hawaii

SeaStation 3100 in...

SeaStation 6400 in Panama

SeaStation 6400 in...



Aquapod is a unique containment system for marine aquaculture, suited for open ocean conditions and a diversity of species. The Aquapod is constructed of individual triangle net panels fastened together in a spheroid shape.


SeaStation fish pens help farm operators reduce the total cost of grow-out on medium-to-high energy aquaculture sites. SeaStation’s security and long service life allow capital costs to be spread across many years and harvests.

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InnovaSea Systems, Inc., a Cuna del Mar portfolio company, is dedicated to supporting open-ocean aquaculture businesses by producing innovative, environmentally-focused sustainable technologies and service solutions for the industry.  Launched on January 1, 2015 with the merger of OceanSpar* and Ocean Farm Technologies,** InnovaSea is developing a fully integrated open-ocean farming platform.  The company continues to secure design and engineering talent in its mission to create the next generation of products for the open-ocean fish farming industry.  InnovaSea is furthering plans for outreach to aquaculture companies by accelerating research and development, advancing support for responsible aquaculture operations in the open ocean and using fully integrated fish farming platforms.

*OceanSpar developed and field-tested large net pens and support equipment for the offshore aquaculture industry. The company was founded in 1988 with a focus on creating solutions for responsible seafood production with advance design net pen platforms.

** Ocean Farm Technologies has also been recognized by the aquaculture industry for its innovative technology development in the open ocean for more than ten years. In addition, Ocean Farm Technologies developed, built, and marketed the Aquapod,™ a unique containment system for open ocean aquaculture.

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