Passionate People, Inventive Approaches

Whether it’s pushing the boundaries of open ocean aquaculture through technology and out-of-the-box thinking or developing new breakthroughs in acoustic telemetry to track fish across the globe, our people are passionate about what they do and never satisfied with the status quo.

Despite a Difficult Year, There Are Still Plenty of Reasons to Be Thankful


Nearly everyone agrees that 2020 has been the pits. But if you take the time to really look, you can find something to be thankful for.

Innovasea Introduces Tiny V3 Acoustic Tags for Small Fish and Noisy Underwater Environments


Pill-sized transmitters offer a dual transmission system and are ideal for freshwater environments like those found around dams and other barriers.

Innovasea Establishes Office in Chile to Provide Advanced Solutions to Robust Fish Farming Industry


Presence in Puerto Varas will help Innovasea deliver sophisticated aquaculture tools and technologies to Chile’s hundreds of active fish farms.

What We Do

  • Open Ocean Aquaculture

    We combine hands-on expertise, sophisticated technology and unrivaled industry know-how to deliver comprehensive aquaculture solutions built to survive and thrive in the open ocean.

  • Land-Based Aquaculture

    We design and build sustainable land-based aquaculture solutions that optimize processes, improve production, increase efficiency and comply with the latest regulations.

  • Aquaculture Intelligence

    Our sophisticated sensors and advanced technologies help automate feeding and improve fish health, streamlining day-to-day operations to boost production.

  • Fish Tracking

    Our groundbreaking tracking technology helps researchers monitor aquatic animal populations and deliver accurate data needed for cutting-edge research.

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