A Data-Driven Approach

Fish farming is entering a new era, one where day-to-day decisions need to be based on empirical data and analytics rather than past practice, gut instinct and best guesses. By embracing new tools and technologies to better understand their complex operations, today’s farmers are saving money, reducing mortalities and becoming more efficient.

But in order to succeed with this data-driven approach, you need to start with accurate information – and that requires powerful monitoring tools backed by robust analytic capabilities.

That’s where Innovasea comes in. We’re taking environmental, biological and physical monitoring to new levels with our advanced aquaculture intelligence solutions, which provide unparalleled real-time visibility into every aspect of your operation.

The Future of Fish Farming

Using a mix of sophisticated sensors, high resolution cameras, artificial intelligence and cloud computing, our integrated solutions deliver unprecedented insights into how your farm is operating – from measuring oxygen levels to ensure fish remain healthy to accurately estimating biomass to reduce feeding costs.

Scalable and Versatile

Our solutions are easily scalable so you can monitor individual fish pens or entire farms. And our edge computing technology allows you to deploy them in situations where wireless or internet communications are unreliable or unavailable.

It all adds up to better control over your farm and a deeper understanding of how to manage it – and that means healthier fish, better production and more efficient operations.

Customer Success

Already a customer? If you have a question about your equipment, please contact Customer Success. For Norwegian customers, please contact us at support@innovasea.com. If you are located in another country, please contact us at support-intelligence@innovasea.com.  

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