Innovasea Encouraged by White House Executive Order to Streamline the Aquaculture Permitting Process
Innovasea fully supports the White House executive order to establish “more efficient and predictable aquaculture permitting processes.”
Innovasea Launches Refreshed Brand, New Website to Reflect Growing Footprint in Aquaculture and Fish Tracking
Innovasea unveils a new logo and website as part of a broader rebranding effort aimed at encompassing all aspects of its growing business.
Innovasea Backs Federal Effort to Establish National Standards for Offshore Aquaculture
Innovasea applauds the effort to expand offshore aquaculture in U.S. waters via the AQUAA Act introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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Offshore Wealth
The Fish Site labels Innovasea an “exciting” company that’s “serious about supplying offshore aquaculture operators around the world.”
With Executive Order in Hand, Will USA Get in the Aquaculture Game?
The Global Aquaculture Advocate hears from Innovasea CEO David Kelly about the recent political inroads being made by aquaculture in the United States.
Innovasea: US Rule Changes Must be Nailed Down in Law
Innovasea CEO David Kelly tells Fish Farming Expert why passage of the AQUAA Act is vital to the nation.

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