Gas Management

A variety of components to manage gas levels and maintain fish health

Gas management is an invisible yet integral element of maintaining a healthy fish culture system. Our solutions help RAS facilities maintain proper gas saturation levels for healthy production.

Gas Management Solutions

Innovasea offers three management tools for gas control:

  • The X-Flow is a compact crossflow degasser that reduces carbon dioxide, nitrogen and the increase of oxygen gases. The cross-flow design provides several design advantages over traditional degassers.
  • The Low Head Oxygenator injects oxygen into the water while displacing nitrogen. The LHO can achieve up to 95% oxygen absorption efficiency. This gravity-based component runs without electricity, making oxygen the only consumable resource.
  • The Gas Management Tower is a combination of an X-Flow on top and an LHO below. Choose from either a free-standing or integrated sump style to suit your needs.

Key features

  • Maintains proper gas saturation
  • Use with freshwater or saltwater
  • Degasses by gravity action
  • Vertically integrated systems make for efficient use of space
  • Easily coupled with UV treatments

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