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Offshore Wealth
The Fish Site labels Innovasea an “exciting” company that’s “serious about supplying offshore aquaculture operators around the world.”
With Executive Order in Hand, Will USA Get in the Aquaculture Game?
The Global Aquaculture Advocate hears from Innovasea CEO David Kelly about the recent political inroads being made by aquaculture in the United States.
Innovasea: US Rule Changes Must be Nailed Down in Law
Innovasea CEO David Kelly tells Fish Farming Expert why passage of the AQUAA Act is vital to the nation.
Hopes Raised by Trump’s Aquaculture Order
Innovasea CEO David Kelly talks to the Fish Site about the White House’s recent executive order on aquaculture.
Innovasea Launches Renewed Brand Reflecting Latest Acquisitions
Undercurrent News writes about the launch of the new unified Innovasea brand and website.
Puget Sound is an Aquaculture Success Story
Innovasea’s Langley Gace tells World Fishing and Aquaculture why Seattle’s Puget Sound is a hotbed for successful aquaculture.
Rethinking Water Quality Management Strategies in the Face of Climate Change
Innovasea talks to Hatchery International about the importance of conservation and water quality controls at aquaculture facilities.
Cargill, Red Lobster-backed Legislation Gets New Chance to ‘Usher in a Wave of American Aquaculture’
Innovasea is part of a broad coalition of companies urging Congress to approve the bipartisan AQUAA Act.
Innovasea Applies Location Intelligence to Optimize Aquaculture
From remote sensing to the Internet of Things, Innovasea technologies are transforming fish farming across the globe.
Real-Time Shark Detector Tested at Nauset, Two Other Beaches
The Cape Cod Chronicle looks at how Innovasea is helping the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy track great white sharks.

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