Fish Passage and Survival

Innovasea technology is used to help mitigate the impacts on fish from man-made structures. 

Research that Reduces Impacts

Humans have been harnessing the power of water for centuries, from ancient aqueducts built to supply fresh water to today’s hydroelectric dams that produce renewable energy. Unfortunately that manipulation of natural water sources can cause aquatic animals to be diverted or blocked from their migratory path and unable to complete their life cycles

Gain Key Insights into Animal Behavior

Innovasea’s acoustic technologies can help improve fish passage at dams and other locations by helping answer questions like:

  • What percentage of migrating fish complete their migration?
  • What impedes their migration?
  • How effective are fish passage and diversion structures?
  • Which migration routes are most utilized?
  • Are additional fish passage measures needed?

Track Hundreds of Fish

An array of acoustic receivers deployed at a hydropower facility or around other barriers can track the position of hundreds of tagged animals identifying entrainment through turbines and other routes. And by combining our active tag/receiver technology with our passive sonar systems, which sample the fish population at large, researchers can assess the magnitude of potential fish entrainment.  

Taken together, these techniques offer non-selective, non-lethal tools that provide large quantities of data for statistically robust results – and precise insights into how aquatic animals are interacting with a structure or environment.

System Recommendation: 180 kHz and 307 kHz tags and receivers

Available Sensor Options: Temperature, pressure, predation, environmental conditions

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