Aeration and Oxygen Control

Remotely adjust oxygen levels and water quality with aquaControl to keep fish safe and healthy.

Advanced Tools to Monitor and Control Oxygen Levels 

Successful fish farming in the ocean is about more than just monitoring conditions. You need to be able to react to what you’re seeing and control your site’s environment as much as possible to keep fish safe and healthy. 

Water quality is paramount, and Innovasea has developed aquaControl, a fully automated aeration and oxygen control system that helps to mitigate various environmental challenges such as: 

  • Harmful algal blooms (HABs) 
  • Low dissolved oxygen events 
  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Hydroid/Jellyfish infestations 
  1. Control Panel
    Digitally adjust individual valves to control flow levels on a pen-by-pen or site-wide basis.
  2. Aeration Software
    Monitor, manage and mitigate your aeration needs in real time, securely controlled from anywhere using a mobile device, tablet or computer. An alarm mode is included to provide automatic help if unexpected conditions occur such as when a drop in DO levels is detected. 
  3. Plankton Monitoring Software
    Stores, analyzes, and aggregates algae and zooplankton measurements so your farm can analyze historical trends and compare them to environmental conditions. 
  4. Diffusers
    The diffusers upwell oxygen-rich colder water into the water column to help mitigate algae and create a healthier environment for the fish.
  5. Wireless Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Sensor
    The aquaMeasure DO sensors enable you to remotely control and adjust flow levels via secure cloud-based software.
  6. Wireless Turbidity Sensor
    The aquaMeasure Turbidity measures the cloudiness of the water. Increased levels of turbidity raise water temperatures, which can be harmful to fish welfare.
  7. Current Sensor
    Provides current speed and direction at several depths to ensure air is moving at the right place in the pen to make an impact on water quality.  
  8. Compressor
    Save on energy costs and efficiently power diffusers with an electric compressor. 
  9. aquaHub 
    Data is delivered via the aquaHub in real time and offloaded securely to the cloud so it can be accessed anywhere using smartphone, tablet or computer. 
  10. Realfish Edge
    Provides a local area network so there is uninterrupted access to data in the event of a storm, internet connectivity issues, remote farm location, etc. 

 aquaControl includes: 

  • Automated aeration and oxygen control – Remotely monitor and adjust dissolved oxygen levels to ensure a healthy environment for your fish stock, improve grow out and provide a better feed conversion ratio. The solution includes a first-of-its-kind digital valve system that’s securely controlled via computer or mobile device.  
  • Environmental monitoring – Real-time monitoring tools including wireless sensors that provide instant visibility into environmental conditions. 
  • Plankton monitoring – Track and analyze plankton data to monitor historical trends and current conditions. 

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