Innovasea is a leader in nursery design and development for facilities of all sizes, both freshwater and saltwater.

Modular Options or Custom Design

Innovasea offers flexible freshwater and saltwater RAS modules that fit most operational requirements and are easy to set up. But we also design custom nurseries based on your specific goals and needs. Over the years we have designed and installed RAS nursery systems for everything from large commercial and state-run facilities to subsistence fish farms run by First Nations communities.

Ensure successful grow-out with our nursery solutions

The workhorse of a land-based fish farm is the nursery. It’s where stock is graded, vaccinated and culled to provide the farm or its clients with the fish stock month after month.

The nursery provides juveniles that range from 20 grams to 500 grams depending on species, type of grow-out operation, site conditions and other factors. Properly sized tanks, fish handling equipment, fish pumps, counters and graders are integral to every nursery’s success.

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